Client change after creating invoice or quote


We would like to know if there is a way to change the client of a quote or invoice once you have saved the document.
Sometimes we receive the billing information once the quote is approved and we need to be able to change it without having to create a new quote or invoice, which is a time consuming task.
What solutions do you have for this problem?

Thank you in advance.


You can change the client name after the invoice has been created however you may need to resave the invoice for the PDF to be updated.


That is not what we need. We need to change the client to another client from our client list.
If we change the name it will affect past and future invoices.


In that case we recommend cloning the invoice to set a new client.

Note: you can delete it first to free up the invoice number.

Reviewing the forum I saw that multiple users asked you the same questions.
Are you planning on implementing this feature soon?
We would like to know to decide if we stay or we have to switch programs.

Sorry, we don’t plan to support changing the client of an invoice.

The app provides a transaction ledger for all clients, if invoices could be moved between clients it would make following the client history too complicated.


But this would not work for an invoice from a month ago (last year) because if I clone an invoice it already appears with the current year’s numbering.

A customer has asked me to change the invoicing data, because they have another company, and I have had to edit the PDF directly.

If you delete the invoice before you clone it the invoice number will be freed up to be used again.

Are you sure about this?

In the past I deleted an invoice and it did not free up the number but messed up my invoice numbering.

Maybe since then a change was made to the software that now allows for an invoice to be deleted?

In v4 you needed to manually change the invoice number before deleting, in v5 this should be done automatically for you.