Client cannot view quote "{"message":"You are not authorized to view or perform this action"}"

Hi thread… Going a bit nuts here but hoping someone can help.

Read this previous thread, and was extremely dissapointed that it was just left on its side, never solved the issue for me.

When my client visits client portal, and clicks “View” it shoots out an error message in plaintext:
{“message”:“You are not authorized to view or perform this action”}

I have made the changes from ALT-php to EA-php as recommended by this previous thread: View recurring invoice -> You are not authorized to view or perform this action - #27 by NoobKS92

But nothing has worked. Please help,

I am using a CPanel installed V5 Self-Hosted version of Invoice Ninja, running on EA-PHP 7.4


Can you confirm there isn’t a trailing slash in the APP_URL in the .env file?

@david do you have any other suggestions?

@hillel Yes, there are my current settings:


Please note it is installed on a subdomain.

Have you tried mapping the web root to the /public folder to prevent having ‘public’ in the URL?

Not sure it’s related but it could help.

Will try that quick an let you know…

@hillel Okay so I’ve done exactly that, re-mapped everything to the public_html root under a subfolder called

All files now consist in there and my .env stats as follows:


However, still doesn’t work. I’ve tried clearing the cache.

I am more than happy to provide remote details if you’re keen on having a deeper look. Sorry I don’t mean to sound invasive but I have clients waiting to read quotes and I currently look like a clown asking them to wait around until they can. very frustrating.

I know it’s not your problem, simply asking you to understand and hopefully lend a helping hand. I paid for Whitelable and now I am slightly disappointed by these occurrences.

It may help to remove the trailing slashes from the URLs and then run php artisan optimize

@david may have some other suggestions.

i am having same issue with my self-hosted install v5 via cPanel, same error when clicking view quote.
any more suggestions to try?