Client Balance issue


First off, I wanted to THANK YOU again for the wonderful support you provide and the work you put into Invoice Ninja. I am set up and testing everything out. I noticed one issue which I am not sure if it’s me or something else.

I set up my email templates and at the bottom body of every email template, I have the following:
Click here($view_url) for the client portal and review your invoices, pay multiple invoices together, update payment methods, and review past payments. Your current outstanding balance is $client_balance

This works wonderfully for the invoice emails. The client balance is updated with every new invoice that is sent and clearly displays on the email. The payment emails however do not display correctly. Instead of $client_balance reading “$100.00”, it reads “John Doe_balance”.

Any ideas? I can just remove this from the receipt emails, but it would be nice to keep it. I am just confused because it works perfectly for invoice emails.


I see the issue here, the next release will contain a fix for this.

Thanks David. I also see an issue with not being able to customize the statement on the client portal. Can this be added to invoice design customization section so the statement can match the other forms that have been customized?

Also- when setting up ACH, is there any way to populate USD (Currency) and USA (Country) from what is saved in the client portal? It just saves a step for the clients. Right now it doesn’t seem to be working this way.