Class 'Stripe\Stripe' not found

A client of mine indicated they were getting error messages while attempting to pay via CC. Error message below.
[2019-10-02 18:19:59] production.ERROR: Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError [0] : /var/www/redacted/public_html/app/Ninja/PaymentDrivers/StripePaymentDriver.php [Line 22] => Class 'Stripe\Stripe' not found`

This error appears to have surfaced after updating to v4.5.14, I’ve been able to accept CC payments via Stripe up until now. I can’t find any resources to start troubleshooting, where should I start?

Thanks in advance.

Issue resolved.

I had installed the GitHub version without running the composer scripts. Downloaded the official release from and tested working.

Thanks for posting this solution - I had the same issue after installing from GitHub.