City and zipcode position

I read that the order of city and zipcode is determined by the country setting.
In Dutch addresses however, the zipcode is placed after the city instead of before, even though country is set correctly.


You can force the order by changing the selected field on Settings > Invoice Design > Client Details.

cc @david

Yes, if al my customers were in the Netherlands that would be a workaround.

Ok, in that case you may want to correct the flag in the database yourself. I believe it’s stored in the countries table. After changing the database you may need to load /update?secret=

If you don’t want to touch the database another option would be to create a group for clients in that country to override the settings.

Actually, the flag in the database seemed to be set correctly (true). I changed it never the less, but to no effect.
I’ ll do Germany next and see how that goes.

Same with Germany, which is an even bigger problem, because it is a national sport in Germany to find absurd reasons to reject invoices, like improper capitalization or us of harsh color schemes.
I checked, checked and double-checked that country is filled on the customer (both invoice and delivery), and language is set correctly.
What am I missing here?

Unfortunately and contrary to popular belief, that “sport” ain’t carried out voluntarily. If the receiver accepts and pays an invoice that is missing necessary information they are going to have a hell of a time with their tax advisor, and ultimately, and much worse, during a tax audit. There are very strict rules on which information needs to be present on an invoice. If the Finanzamt ain’t accepting an invoice as expenditures you are busted.

If you are interested, here is a link (in German):

(I have to say, though, I never heard of invoices being rejected for improper capitalization or harsh color schemes. I could understand the color scheme issue somewhat, though. In the end, its an invoice, not a piece of art; it should be easily legible.)

And then there is DIN5008 on placement of certain pieces of information on a letter (or invoice for that matter). It’s not mandatory, but always well received if stuck to.

Thanks for the link. Don’t stress too much about my tongue-in-cheek remarks. I never have any problems with my German customers (as long as I remember to place my umlauts).