Charts not showing data in a way I expect

When I use the charts it shows invoices that were created and paid on Wednesday for Thursday. To put it plainly everything is a day behind. Is this expected behavior? I checked the time on the server itself and is correct. I changed it to sync with my domain controller. No change in behavior. Assistance is appreciated! This is self host of course on a Bitnami install.

I’m seeing the same problem. It looks like the issue is that MySQL returns 1-366 as the ‘day of year’ value whereas PHP returns 0-365.

To fix it change line 225 in app/Http/Controllers/ReportController.php from:

$date = $d->format(‘Y’.$dateFormat);


$date = $groupBy == ‘DAYOFYEAR’ ? $d->format(‘Y’) . ($d->format($dateFormat) + 1) : $d->format(‘Y’.$dateFormat);

We’ll include this fix with our next release.

Thank you for the blazing fast fix! I applied it and it indeed fixed the issue.