Changing Tasks To Be Charged By Item, Not Time

Hello all,

Done some searching to try and find this out, but can’t see it anywhere.

I’m looking to use the Project Management side of Invoice Ninja more, but I need to be able to bill some tasks by an item value, rather than time and rate.

Is it possible to do this, or do I need to manually create an invoice for this ability?

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I think you’d need to create a standard invoice.

Ah, I worried that maybe the case.

I’m looking for a way to log small tasks throughout the course of a month, for instance, 12-15 small works, then billing the client them all at the same time, rather than sending 12-15 individual invoices.

These will be a mixture of billable hours and itemised services, such as 10 x products with a set pricing (design pieces) and 2-5 times billed hours (marketing set-ups, etc).