Changing decimal mark

Hi, is it possible to change the decimal mark from comma to dot? (i. e. “50.00” instead of “50,00”)
Thank you!

Do you mean on the PDF are in the form input?

There’s a discussion about it here:

Yes, this is exactly what I meant. But I’m not self-hosting. If I understand that thread correctly, my invoices get the comma because they are issued in Euro and in Germany?

If you set the client’s country to Germany it should use a comma instead.

It’s the other way around - I’m in Germany, but the clients are not. My default is a comma (am unable to change that in Settings / Localization) and I want to change it to a dot. I tried changing the client’s country to USA but the PDF still shows commas…

Thanks, I understand now.

In most cases the formatting is determined by the currency. You can change the behavior by running this SQL query and then adding ?clear_cache=true to the end of an app link to clear the cache

update countries set decimal_separator = ‘.’, thousand_separator = ‘,’ where id = 840;

Since I’m not self-hosting, I guess I can’t use that piece of code anywhere. Does that mean I can’t change the comma?

By the way: As far as I know Americans use dots for all currencies (e.g. 45.50 EUR) just like we use commas for all currencies (e.g. 45,50 USD). So maybe the formatting shouldn’t be determined by the currency.

We’ll include this change with our next release

Thank you very much

Hi Hillel,

Just in case this has already been implemented: Where would I find the setting?

Thank you

We deployed a new release this morning, have you tested it recently?

There isn’t a specific setting for this.

I noticed the new release (because of the private/public notes) but if there’s no setting for the decimal mark, how is this decided? If I choose USA in client country, I still get the comma because of the Euro.

I’m not sure, in my tests it seems to be working.

Note: you need to save the invoice to see the updated formatting.

It works! The next step would be to enable a selection of a default decimal mark, so there would be no need to manually select the country for each new client (which is not one of the basic fields and is only shown after clicking on “more fields”).

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind.