Changed Tasks into existing invoice

Hi there. I’m using the self-hosted version.

I added a time logged task into an existing invoice. The task is already marked as “Invoiced” and the existing task entries appear in the said invoice. However, I needed to clock some extra hours for this task but I cannot figure out how to insert these into the same invoice.

I have clocked the extra hours and tried to edit task to see “More actions” but the only option is to “view invoice”, archive or delete task. I cannot seem to get the extra hours into the invoice. I tried to delete the task in the invoice to see if it would remove the “Invoiced” status of the task but it does not.

Is there any way to work around this besides deleting the task and re-creating a new task, then manually re-entering the timings?

If you set the task’s client and then save it you should see the client’s open invoices listed when clicking ‘More Actions’.

Removing the task from the invoice requires marking the invoice as deleted.