Change the GDPR message

How to change the GDPR message text that is currently on the bottom bar (i.e. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more).


Did some digging while waiting on other stuff to finish up…

It depends on the language you’re using. Each language will have a its own texts.php file in it. For example, English would be /ninja/resources/lang/en/texts.php, while German would be /ninja/resources/lang/de/texts.php.

What you’re looking for is the cookie_message variable. Should be around line 2872 or so, while “Learn more” will be the learn_more variable on line 53.

If you need to change the default link to link to something else (your own privacy policy, for instance), that should be in /ninja/resources/views/master.blade.php on like 261, but I haven’t tested if changing that works.

Just be aware that as soon as you do an update, any of those changes will revert back. Although technically, you could add some grep find & replace to the update script to make them permanent.

Thanks, was able to change the GDPR message with your information ))