Change sort order client page

We’re finding the default display on the client view to be sort of clunky. It sorts by ‘Date Created’ which seems odd for the client listing. I’ve found where to change the default column that gets sorted (ClientController.php line 48); but I can’t seem to change it from descending to ascending. I thought it was controlled in the ClientAPIController.php file but it doesn’t seem to have any affect. I’m assuming the list is getting sorted in PHP and not through a MySQL command somewhere in another file?

Any help in directing me to where I could change the nature of the sort (I believe A to B is considered ascending). I see that the default sort is descending in the code, but again…not sure where it is.

We’re using the software on our own webserver by the way.

Chris Blair

The sort column is set in the index function in ClientController.

The sort order is currently hard coded to ‘desc’ in resources/views/list.blade.php.

Hope this helps…

Bingo…sure did. Thanks so much for the great support! By the way, I’ve sent a couple of direct emails asking about reselling your product to clients and I saw somewhere on your site a notice to ask about becoming an affilate. Could you email me privately and tell me how that would work?

Chris Blair
Magnetic Image, Inc.

Good day Chris, I just emailed you regarding our reseller program.