Change recurring day for recurring invoices?

We have several invoices that were originally scheduled to send out on the 17th of each month. A couple months ago we had some server problems and somehow those recurring invoices started sending on the 22nd of the month.

They now say ‘Send Next: June 22, 2016’.

Is there any way that I can get these to send on the 17th again? (for this month and all future months)
Or do I have to just cancel the old one and create a new recurring invoice?

You should be able to fix this by updating the recurring invoices and setting the start date to the next date they should be sent.

THANKS! That ‘almost’ solved the problem (well, it solved the problem based on the incident I mentioned).

Just in case someone needs to reset the date to TODAY:

IF you reset the start date for today but your cron job runs overnight (i.e. which would be the next calendar date), I don’t think that IN will send out those invoices (because it appears to only send out the invoices for the current date - and in this case the date for today will have already past).

The solution I found was to:

  1. Change the start date (as originally indicated)
  2. Send the invoice manually

That makes sure that the invoice gets sent on this date.

This would probably only be a limitation if you are running your cron just once a day. If your cron runs more often I would expect that you would be fine with just step 1 above.

THANKS for a GREAT system and great support when needed!