Change of owner

Hello Hilel,

we have a change of staff: the one who created the company in the invoice ninja installation has left. In the user administration he is marked as “owner” of the company. Others like me are admin. Now as an admin I cannot block the account of the person who left like I can do it for any other user.

How is it possible to attribute the “owner” role to another person?

  • by login with the “owners” credentials and then change his role/deactivate his accounts
  • by a change in code or database table?

Many thanks in advance

You may want to update the email addresses in the database so you take over his user record.

Hello Hilel

I have the same query.

Which table is it?

The users table

OK if I change the owner email address to another one then what will the password for the new owner be?

You can reset the password using the ‘Recover password’ link on the login page.