Change name of 'Line Total'

I was hoping to change the name of ‘line total’ to ‘total’ on all quotes and invoices. Is this possible to do? Not necessarily so it appears on the backend I see but on the PDFs I send through to clients? It’s just not a term we use in Australia so won’t make much sense having it on the documents I send out.

We support changing the other column headers but not ‘line total’. It’s a small change, I’ll make sure it’s included with our next release in a few weeks.

Out of curiosity which term is used in Australia?

Thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for the change. :slight_smile:

We mainly use ‘Total’, ‘Sub Total’ and sometimes ‘Price’ but our main term is ‘Total’. I had never heard of ‘Line Total’ until I started using Invoice Ninja.

It’s not a massive problem, but I know a few clients will most likely question it.

Thanks for the feedback!