Change CREDIT NOTE text


Is there a way to change the name “CREDIT NOTE” in something else?
It’s possible with 'INVOICE" on the invoice design, but can’t find Credit Note.

Kind regards, Koen

Sorry, it isn’t supported in the app.

If you’re self hosting you could modify the resources/lang/[locale]/texts.php file but you’d have to reapply the change when updating the app.

OK, Tnx Hillel

If you’re using the bash script to keep your install updated, you could try adding grep -rlZF “‘credit_note’ => ‘Credit Note’,” “$ninjahome/resources/lang/[locale]/texts.php” | xargs -0r perl -pi -e “s/‘credit_note’ => ‘Credit Note’,/‘credit_note’ => ‘<Your Custom Text>’,/g;” toward the end, before the final ;;, allowing the change to be applied automatically every time you update.

To give you a better idea of where to put it, here’s an example with a few of my own personal tweaks:

Update Script Example

@Titanfail thank you again for your ongoing help in the forum!

I’d like to add you to the ‘Special Thanks’ area of the GitHub project, please let me know what name/link to use.