Caprover & .env?

I have tried setting up Invoice Ninja on Caprover (Docker).
I migrated over data and database and all looked to be well - but I could not send emails. I got a success message but then ‘Email - failure’ in System logs.
I then created a fresh install to study the defaults.
I cannot however find the .env file! I cannot send emails either. This makes sense as I cannot find a .env file to edit.
There are two directories that seem likely:

Doing a ‘ls -a’ on both directories shows no .env file.

nb. When I attempted the migration I mapped /var/www/app/storage to /srv/ninja/ninja where I had the migrated data. The only email that ‘sent’ was from a test account to a bogus email. I got a rebound message. I am not sure if that was a result of the setup/install configs of Caprover or whether it read the .env file I migrated over.

Where should I place the .env file and what if anything should I change from the original from a shared host now that I am setting up on a VPS?

Any pointers would be helpful.


I don’t believe the Docker version uses the .env file.

Hello hillel!
Thanks for the reply!
Anyway I just solved it. Caprover installs three things.In one - ninj-app - you can add Environmental Variables.
Adding the email appropriate ones solved this! They should really add it to the installer.