Cant send test email

I’m using [v4.5.19] and i have setup the SMTP to and it worked fine for a day but now it stoped working and i get this message “Connection could not be established with host [php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known #0]”

Has anything changed? This could be related to DNS or network settings.

nothing, i created a new user and was checking the settings why it was not sending the email for the new user so i clicked the test email a couple of times to test…it sent a test email twice then i started to get the error message

Sorry I’m not sure, you may want to ask your webhost for help

There is possibly something wacky going on here. I’m self hosting using 4.5.19.

I changed the GMail password on 1st August and ever since Google refuses to connect giving a bad credentials message in IN when hitting the Test button. I only realised there might be a problem when I didn’t receive notification for recurring invoices being send out!

I’ve created a temporary fix by changing the setting from SMTP to Sendmail and updating the SPF record in the DNS to add in the server hosting IN

Any suggestions how to debug/fix this?