Can't seem to add a receipt via the mobile app


I’m using

Using the android app, I created a new expense - but I am unable to add a photo of the receipt.

First, it wont let you attach anything, unless you save it first, ok

Ive tried the following:

  1. Click the blue attachment button
  2. Takes you to blank Documents screen and click the green + button
  3. Choose take photo
  4. Take the photo and confirm it

It takes me back to the Documents screen and there is nothing there.

I also tried the “Please select a file” option with the same result.

In the documents screen, the 3 dots menu, does nothing.

Also, when creating an expense on the app, it shows the price on the website as £1.00 | £0.00 :confused:

I’m using a One Plus 5t on Android 8.1.0


Are you using an enterprise plan? It’s required to upload attachments.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your reply. So only works on Enterprise, not Pro?

Are the other bugs related to me not being a paid user?

Thanks in advance

Not that I’m aware of…