Can't pay invoice - Frobidden?

I have two installation of InvoiceNinja.
One with Softaculous in version 4.5.21 and another one installation in another server without Softaculous, in manual installation with git and composer (latest version of 4.x).

I can make all I want but the problem is the payment.

I can’t pay any invoice. I’m using Stripe and it work fine with my first Softaculous installation. With the manual installation I always have the same message “An error occured. Please refreshe the page and try-again.”.

I have no log. But in web console I can see an exception :


It may be related to this issue:

Uooh ! Incredible, it works.

I havn’t the reflex to going to see post outer than this forum.

Thanks you so much !

But, remove modsec dont create a potential breach into the server ?

I don’t know, you may want to consider upgrading to v5

Same problem with v5 and disabling modsec resolve the issue.

I didn’t realize, we’ll look into it

cc @david

Thanks a lot @david and @hillel.

I asked my provider about the mod security problem.
They works on give us the possibility to configure it easily.