Cant Import my Jsons data from self Hosted to Official ninja Hosted app

Because of a problem on my self hosted invoice ninja , i have created a Invoice ninja Cloud Hosted account , i still have access to my self hosted but i cant export the Invoices in cvs because the Getaways times out , i can export jsons but i cant import that jsons on the invoice ninja app because it gives an arror in Red to select the file , i select my jsons data but same thing I cant Import , any idea how to fix this .
Thank you
Marco F.

I’m not sure, you may want to try a different browser.

If you want to email the JSON file to I can try to replicate the problem.

Hi thank you i have just emailed the file , i was able to get some data with the cvs files thankfully Customers cvs export and import worked , but i cant get my invoices exported , they are to big to export to cvs that’s why i was hoping jsons import would help i was able to export that , but on my invoice ninja app the system doesn’t accept the file .
Please try it .

I think the issue with the JSON file is the size, you should be able to make it work on a self host install by increasing the size of post_max_size.