Can't import customers file.csv Error "wrong_file_extension"?

Hello lovely Folks,

I have started a few weeks ago with invoice ninja, and I am really pleased with this awesome software. After a hassle to install it, I finally got it running on a raspberry pi (I needed a few attempts - with different machines and docker/podman container).
It was actually not that hard, but sometimes you miss a part or thinking the way around before you got it running.
So far, so good. But now I am trying hardly to populate (import a csv file) the customer list, which I had as a file. I tried to import it straight away but with no success. I got the error message as follows, “wrong_file_extension”!
Is there any specific file extension other than .csv or CSV? Yes I tried both. Even .txt and .TXT with no success.
Any help is really appreciated!
Thanks in advance.




.csv is the correct extension, you may want to try with the desktop app to see if there’s a difference.

Hi Hillel,

Yes that did the trick. But why is there this button which is not working. I do like the fact that you answered immediately. I really want to use the browser nor the desktop app or app on the smart phone.
Is there any other solution, sorry? I am on Linux only. I saw you provide even snap and flatpack, but I do not use any of those at all.

Feel free to create an issue here to track the problem

What Linux distro do you use? I also run Linux and it runs smoothly.

You can run flatpak or snaps on any distro (if you want to). I do appreciate some people prefer not to use them (I do not, personally).

If you use Arch, InvoiceNinja is in the Aur as well. That’s what I use. Whilst I do prefer the web UI myself; there are moments where the desktop app can be useful when trying to debug your installation.