Can't Delete Payment

I inputted a typo in a payment and instead of having 8300.04 I put 83,004. I save the payment at the time without noticing but spotted it later. I marked if for deletion but it’s still being included in the calculation for the total revenue for that client. There’s no options for me to edit the value of the payment or to restore it now that I’ve deleted it from what I can see.

Is there a way I could correct all this?

Payment shown as partially paid on payments list

Partial payment of correct amount shown against incorrect total

Screen grab of what’s shown when click edit

Incorrect paid to date value shown for the client of 89K


@david any thoughts?


This is a bug.

I’ve tagged v5.3.41 which contains a fix for this.

Unfortunately there is no way to remediate this from within the application.

In this instance you would need to manually update the paid_to_date column for this client record.

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Thank you. Where can I find the record to try and update it in the background?


In the clients database table, you’ll want to find your client and then update the paid_to_date column using a tool such as phpmyadmin if you have it installed on your hosting service.

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