Can't connect to Zapier. Help ASAP!

I just tried to update my connection with Zapier and now I can’t get anything to connect. Zaps are failing left and right now and I really need help ASAP.

I understand that we may need to upgrade to v5 but I’m nervous to update it as we have several endpoint subscriptions that I’m not sure if they will be harmed if we migrate.

Can someone help ASAP?

Here are the subscriptions we have updating our backend

Sorry, due to a change Zapier made to resolve an SSL issues we needed to deprecate the v4 integration.

I understand that. Would you be able to speak to my second comment? Would migrating to v5 impact the subscriptions we have?

You would need to recreate them in v5

Thank you for that. I do have one final question pertaining to v5…

Are there any differences in how the API works? We are sending data to and receiving data from invoice ninja and want to make sure that if we migrate we don’t need to change anything beforehand.

Specifically, will creating an invoice through the API change?

This is somewhat pressing. Are you able to confirm if the api has changed at all?

The v5 API is mostly the same but you can find notes on the changes here: