Can't connect stripe to V5

Hell Knowledgable folk.

I am having major problems trying to connect to Stripe. I go to online payments, configure gateways, stripe connect. I get the following screens

I click edit and get this

When I click configure gateway it goes back to the fist screen.

Please can someone help. I am completely stuck.


Sorry for the trouble, that looks like a bug. We’ll look into it now. It may help if you can email us at so we can check your account.

Thanks I will do. Do you need the pictures etc again?

It would be helpful if you could include the link to this post

Email sent as per your request. I am actually quite relived, I thought I was going mad.

Further to my previous. I managed to do it in the google chrome browser. I was using Safari, Sorry but it is Safari that needs the fix. I am connected to stripe. Thanks for your help.

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