Can't add payment method on the client dashboard

Can’t seem to add a credit card on file via the client dashboard. I enter the credit card details, it says it’s saved successfully, but nothing happens. No credit card details listed on the dashboard, and I don’t see anywhere to use that card to pay an invoice. Self-hosted v4.5.7 using Stripe payment gateway, and billing address is enabled.

try the fix @Hillel added here:

I tried that and it still doesnt work

Sorry, not sure…

Not a super helpful reply. I’ll take a stab at it though. Considering Stripe v3 support was just released in November, my first guess would be that is the culprit.

So I rolled back to Stripe v2 (restored following files to v4.5.5), and now I’m able to add a credit card from the dashboard just fine.

And not only is that problem resolved, I also see the “save card details” checkbox on the invoice payment page. This is sorely missing from the v3 implementation. With v3, the customer makes a payment on their invoice and never has the option to save their card to file. So they MUST go to the dashboard to save card to file. Very unintuitive user interface IMHO

Thanks for the info, feel free to create an issue on GitHub to track it.