Can't add invoice item

I have an existing invoice, and I want to add more items to it. I initially created the invoice by selecting tasks and saying “invoice.” But, now I can’t add more. When I edit the invoice, there is no “add task” button. And when I click in the “Item” column, a drop down flashes for less than a second, and then goes away.

The problem (flash and go away) occurs in Chrome, Incognito chrome, and Firefox.

Any ideas here?

Also: is there any way to automatically include the project name in the invoice?

Also: it would be nice to have an option on the Task section to “add to existing invoice” instead of creating a new invoice.

Thanks! Enjoying Invoice Ninja otherwise so far. :slight_smile:


Does the client have any un-invoiced tasks?

If you invoice the project (rather than the task) the project name will be included.

You should be able to add tasks to existing invoices from the invoice, not sure what the problem is yet.

Yes, they do. I edited the description of a task, but it didn’t update in the invoice, so I deleted it from the invoice, and it now says “logged” whereas before it said “invoiced.”

Ah, I see. But I am invoicing all the tasks in this case.

Gotcha. Yeah, the “drop down appears and then goes away” problem is a bit annoying. Also, it would be nice if there was, on the task menu, an option to “add to existing invoice” instead of just “invoice item.”

Once you add a task to the invoice any changes made to the task won’t be reflected in the invoice.

If you invoice the project it will add all tasks in the project to the invoice.

To add a task you need to click the plus in the bottom right, the item selector can only be used for products.