Can't add a Bank Account for Expense import

Self-hosted here. When I try to add a bank account (Wells Fargo) via Settings > Credit Cards & Banks > Add Bank Account, nothing happens at all when I click “Validate”.

Just for troubleshooting, I tried doing the same on my trial account, and it says “Failed to retrieve account details, please check your credentials”. I’m 100% sure the credentials are correct.

Any ideas how to fix?

v4.5.7 fresh install
laravel log:
production.ERROR: Uncaught TypeError: NINJA.parseFloat is not a function

We have related changes in the next release (v4.5.8) in a few days which may help.

Also… I’d suggest using Ofxget to check your credentials.

Ok, thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for the update.

qtchic86, did you ever get this working?

Having the same problem as OP, running Self-Hosted 4.5.17. Anybody figure this out? Credentials work with Ofxget