Cannot update from version v4 to v4.5.46

I have been struggling to update my invoice ninja from version v4 to v4.5.46 for months now. I upgraded my php to 7.4 and i have copied the v4.5.46 file and overwrite the existing files but after doing all that i get error 500 internal server error. There is nothing in the error logs

I did contact invoice ninja support but they failed to assist as they also dont know how to solve the problem.

Is there anyone who has come across this problem and managed to solve it?


Have you checked both the web server error logs and the application logs in storage/logs

Hi there is no error on both server and application logs.

May you perhaps give me a step by step process on how to do this update. or maybe if there are videos somewhere to show these steps.

Sorry, we don’t have a video.

Hi i have done everything on that link and it still does not work. Version 4.5.11 does not have a migration too under Account Management. I am using shared hosting.

You would need to update to the latest v4 to use the migration.

You may want to setup a clean v4 install and copy over your database and .env file.

ok let me try to do that. I will come back to you with feedback