Cannot login: system error 400/500 email not found

I specified a different directory name with for this secondary Ninja installation. Getting these errors. Maybe this is somehow related?

Also, does this guidance below that I earlier received from the Server Admin trigger any other ideas? This was why I upgraded the Sitepad and Ninja. Same authentication problem afterwards. But that message above when I tried to install a second directory/instance of Ninja sounds like possibly related.

I’m not familiar with Sitepad.

I suggest asking your webhost for advise on increasing the PHP memory limit.

I requested of the Server Admin that they increase the php memory. In the meantime, why would the 2nd Ninja install cause these errors:

Could not write the config file: update_pass.php
Could not write the config file: .env

These seem directly related to my authentication problem. This is for a new installation of Ninja. Please advise. Is Ninja v5.8.33 compatible with PHP 8.1.27 ?

There’s info on file permissions here:

Yes, PHP 8.1 and 8.2 are supported.

What might be causing these 2 errors for a fresh installation of Ninja:

Could not write the config file: update_pass.php
Could not write the config file: .env

I assume invalid file permissions.

Can you please be more specific for a novice. I am really pulling my hair out. I don’t know where else to turn for guidance.

I suggest trying to change the file permissions based on the docs I linked above.

You may want to consider using the hosted option, setting up and maintaining the selfhost app can require some expertise.

I imagine you’re going to get many customers with the same problem. I am only the first to bring this to your attention. Thanks for the guidance, and have a nice day.