Cannot find "White label" activation settings after fresh install

Hi there… I’ve recently come across Cloudron. After having tried mutliple times to do the manual setup on my ubuntu 20.04 serv, I just couldn’t get it to work. I Tried Docker as well and to no avail.

I can safely say that Cloudron was the easiest implementation of any of the aforementioned methods to install Self Hosted, it literally worked with a click of a button, and worked directly after the installation, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it run this fast. It’s beautiful!! Thanks @hillel and @david and all contributors for creating such an amazing software!

MY PROBLEM: I can’t find the Menu in the settings that allow me to activate Whitelabel. I bought Whitelabel about 2 weeks ago, and have a key ready, just don’t know where to put it. I will attach a screenshot of my settings panel and hopefully someone can help… I’m running latest build 3.48

Hoping someone can help me with this soon as I need to get rolling with Invoices XD

Just to add to it, please have a look at my version etc. etc.

2022-01-19 11_21_10-Invoice Ninja

2022-01-19 11_21_46-Invoice Ninja


Glad to hear it!

From the screenshot it looks like the user you’re logged in as isn’t the account owner, there should be an ‘Account Management’ option.

Brilliant! Thanks I thought that was strange. So just to give some context if anyone else decides to use Cloudron for Invoice Ninja V5 Self Hosted: Cloudron sets up a preconfigured admin user to finalize the setup. You then have to login and create new users and administrators after you have used the preconfigured login details.

Please tell me @hillel , how do I reassign the account owner? Is this possible?

I don’t think that’s supported, can you login in as the admin?

@hillel I deleted it by thinking it would cause security issues. The password was very simple anyone could guess it. :stuck_out_tongue: :see_no_evil: Reinstall. Luckily it works with a click of a button.

Sorted! Took me 15 Minutes to reinstall and activate White Label.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the support!

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