Cannot create new project

I’m still on v5.3.68-C77, as the update to the latest version didn’t work.

When trying to create a new project, I get this error:
422: The given data was invalid.

 • The selected client id is invalid.

Both on Windows and on the desktop version. It doesn’t matter which client I choose, I always get the same message - even on an IN company I did setup for testing purposes.

I’m not sure if that’s fixed in the latest version?


@david any thoughts?

try to run /update?secret=yoursecret this fixed my problem and all works fine… currently :smiley: and after that run php artisan optimize via SSH

Hi @sven.j
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me.

@david btw there’s nothing in the log file.


In a webbrowser, could you open up the browser console and when you attempt to save the project, inspect the network tab > Payload

I’d be interested to see what the value of client_id is there.

Hey @david
Here’s the screenshot:

client_id: "LYqaQlenjk"

@david it works again after updating to v5.3.75-W77 and cleaning /bootstrap/cache.
Thanks for your help!