Cannot change the dates on invoices since new versions

I cannot change the date on invoices which is crucial as I need to fall my invoicing today and put the date as yesterday!

The calendar appears but when you click ok after changing date nothing happens


Which version of the app are you using?

Are you able to change the date by typing directly in the field?

no it doesnt save it and the very latest one

v5.5.17- C91

To be clear… you can change the date by typing in the field but after saving the date reverts to the old value?

It’d be helpful to know if you see the same issue in the desktop app:

Hi, exactly and I am using the desktop app and it simply isnt working. No date is saved if you type manually or if you click via the calendar and same in 4 browsers

If you’re using a browser it means you’re using the web app, it would be helpful if you could try it in the desktop app.

Also, do you see any errors in the browser console?

thats the link I am using and there are no errrors just nothing happens

Which version do you see in the desktop app?

The version above (v5.5.17- C91) is the web app.

if I click the link you gave me thats the version if I down load the desktop app and use that it actually works so I will do that as i must get these invoices out! Thanks for your help!

I am having the same issue. I created an invoice in July and tried to change the Invoice Date to today and it keeps the July date when I “View PDF” or “Download PDF”. If I use the download button from the Preview, it has the September date on it, but shows Live Preview # as the Invoice Number (I typically don’t download from preview because of this). I am using v5.5.8-C90.

To recreate, just try changing the Invoice Date on an older invoice. You save the invoice and it shows the correct date in the browser. Click on Edit again and anything like “View PDF/Download PDF/Print PDF” all have the date it was originally created and not the edited date. Not sure if Due Date is also affected or not.

I’m not sure this is the same issue, if you make other changes to the invoice are they reflected on the PDF?