Cannot add gateway

Hi, I’m using the self-hosted solution on my shared hosting. Installation went fine and I am able to access the dashboard. However, I am not able to add online gateways to the setup. More specifically, it refuses to save the information I submitted after attempting to add one. I have tried PayPal Express and Custom, and after clicking Save, the Gateway table remains empty.

Using v3.2.0. Kindly advise.

Are there any errors in the logs in storage/logs/larevel-error.log

Hi Hillel and thanks for the quick response.

No, there are not any errors on the log file.

Re-reading your initial comment you wrote the gateways table remains empty, are you saying running this query returns no results:

select id, name from gateways;

Adding an account payment gateway should insert a record into the account_gateways table, if the gateways table is empty it implies the install didn’t complete successfully.

Yes, looking at the database the account_gateways table is empty. If the installation was not complete, can I fix this by deleting/purging all data? What is the correct way to “start over”?

Is the gateways table populated?

Yes, it is. Showing a total of 62 rows starting with Authorize.Net AIM to Custom.

Try commenting out this line and then try again, it may then show an error in the logs.

Otherwise, you’ll need to debug the code to see where it’s failing. Here’s the function which saves the account gateway, you can try adding dd(‘here…’); to see how far it’s getting.

Will try and report back. Thanks. :slight_smile:

FYI… another user recently reported that disabling mod security enabled them to add a payment gateway.

Updated to PHP7 did the trick for me. Thanks for the support, Hillel! :slight_smile:

Nice, glad to hear you got it working!