Can You Reassign an Invoice to a Different Client?

I create quotes for potential clients and I’d rather not set them all up within IN until they actually become my client. Instead, I created a ‘PotentialClient’ client and have been manually changing the DB to reflect the new client ID.

Today, I realized my grave error in that invoice emails are crossing to incorrect clients and you can still see all the past invoices in the client dashboard, etc.

Is there any way to reassign an invoice to a different client?

You need to clone an invoice to set a new client.

We strongly advise against making manual changes to the database. For performance a lot of data is cached, if you make manual changes the cache will be incorrect.

Is it possible to force a full re-cache?

At this point, I’ve got the client portal for ‘PotentialClient’ showing basically my whole past quoting/down payment history!?!?

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

You may be able to fix it by exporting the data as JSON, purging the company and the reimporting the data. You can test it with a new blank company.