Can you customise a Delivery Note


We have trialed most off the invoicing softwares including accounting software system and we have chosen Invoice Ninja.

One thing Invoice Ninja seems to be lacking is customisation aspect of Delivery Note.

Document don’t even change the name, still called Sales Invoice, instead of Delivery Note. Can someone clarify if this can be changed please.

Also, we are using custom field which adds extra columns. This is not an issue on the actual invoice, but when Delivery Note is produced adds all custom fields columns automatically.

The software is so intuitive and user friendly, it will be so beneficial to be able to customise Delivery Note documents, including to follow or back-order items for orders split into multiple packages.

Please seriously consider implementing this, as this will be simply a game changer for ecommerce and retail business.



@david can you please advise?

@mainlayer yes delivery notes and statements are very limited currently and offer no scope for any customization at all unfortunately.


I’m happy to add this to the list, along with statements for customization.

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Hi thanks for your messages guys.

@david that’s great to hear. This will be massively appreciated as we had to temporarily inject custom html onto Invoice, but most client do not want pricing displayed which left us with no other option.

Is it possible to have a customer signature for goods received same as you do for approving quotations online and then signature can be displayed on the document.

If you could kindly look at implementing ability to split order into multiple Delivery Notes, maybe as a standalone module. This will be perfect for follow up shipments and keeping customers informed when there are certain products not shipped. As well as having a data history stored that can be easily shared between different users.


Hi David, any idea on when we can expect delivery note as a standalone document that can be fully customised?

I’m scoping Delivery note + Statement customizations now actually.

Currently the delivery note is only a cut down invoice where we hide certain fields. We don’t have anywhere that we store additional meta data for the Delivery note itself.

Whilst it is pretty straight forward to add the ability to customize which fields are shown on the delivery note, adding additional logic to split delivery notes, adding backorder functionality does increase the complexity.

Some of this could be worked around by using a custom field for items that are on backorder .

The other approach would be to make a delivery note / shipping manifest its own document where the rules around the delivery note can be completely customized rather than being heavily dependent on the invoice as it is currently.

@hillel do you have any thoughts to add on this?

Hi David,

Sorry for the late reply. I have completely missed your reply.

I personally think having delivery note as a standalone and fully customisable document will be ideal. It will allow for the document to be designed to everyone’s specific needs.

We have the following issues:

  1. All product custom fields are displayed as a result of delivery note been customisable. Any other standalone document can support column preference. We have custom fields disabled within invoice document, and delivery note still adds product custom fields.

  2. Document title is Invoice, it only says Delivery Note in small font.

  3. There is no tick boxes and space where you can enter how many items will follow (send in another package).

  4. There is no space for signature when customer collects the goods. We had to add custom html code into invoice so the date, customer name and signature can be used on delivery note document. This unfortunately results in the invoice having same section, which it should have.

I really hope this can be implemented, as this is the only missing puzzle for now and will set Invoice Ninja even more apart from other softwares on the market.

Many thanks