Can´t save changes Error 500

Hi there,

i am using v5.0.50-C38 and have a custom design template.
If a add a new quote or invoice i can save. If i open the quote item again and click save, i always get an 500 Error Message. I seems that it has something to do with the selected design template.
On an invoice i can change values and save it. I have an tail -f on lavarel.log and see that at saving the design html is logged and i can view the invoice pdf (only on chrome, firefox shows only the loading icon). On changing the quote this html log does not appear and i can not view its pdf.
I can not say if it has something to do with latest edits of the template or the version updates from .47, but some days ago it worked without error 500.
Can i activate more logging options?
What does this mean: production.ERROR: Trying to get property ‘invoice’ of non-object {“exception”:"[object] (ErrorException(code: 0): Trying to get property ‘invoice’ of non-object at /usr/share/nginx/invoiceninja/app/Utils/HtmlEngine.php:52)

Hey there, thanks for reporting this.

First of all, can you replicate the same issue with original templates?

I have tested setting the design_id of the quotes to a default template via phpmyadmin, but this does not change anything.
I will save the custom template code and replace with a standard template code via DB, to check if the error disappears.

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