Can not press pay now credit card on one of my customers

payment amount is saying 0


Payments can only be made if the balance due is greater than zero.

Which exact version of the app are you using?

invoice ninja on desktop, balance is still due but once i press pay now it shows up as total amount 0. is there any way you can check if it processed on your end?

Which specific version are you using?

where can I check that?

If you’re using v5 you’ll see an about button in the lower left corner.

yes v5 the newest version

Which version exactly?

Also, are you using the hosted or self-hosted platform?

Note; the post was tagged as selfhosted v4.

yes I apologize for that

so the issue is only happening with one of my customers

Ok, no worries.

It would help to know the app version and whether your hosted/selfhosted?

Are the errors in the browser console?

its showing this wont show the drop down to click credit card

It looks like the balance for the invoice is 0

invoice still has a balance

Are you using the hosted or selfhosted platform?