Can no longer login

I’m using a self hosted install of what I guess is now “Legacy”.

All of a sudden, I can no longer login. The login screen just refreshes and does not log me in.

There are no errors in the laravel_log file.

I tried installing the new version (5.0.10) but can’t figure out how to get it running to migrate to it.

How can I get logged into the legacy version I’m using?

I tried to roll back PHP version to 7.2 (neither 7.3 or 7.4 work, either)

Did anything change to cause the login to stop working?

I must have added something to my Apache config when updating PHP to 7.4 that caused something to break.

I rolled that back and am able to get logged in now.

Now I’ll try to find some instructions to install the new version on CentOS that I’m able to follow along with.