Can I.....

Brand new just taking a peek under the hood and a quick 2 questions.

  1. When you send an invoice using a stripe recurring or single pay item, does the client get sent to a url to checkout with their Credit Card?

  2. Can I pick Canadian or US currencies for different customers who we invoice using Stripe?

This looks like an awesome product.


  1. The client is sent a link to the invoice where (assuming Stripe is configured) they can click ‘Pay Now’ to enter their card details. We recommend testing it by adding yourself as a client and sending a test invoice.

  2. Yes, you can set a default for your company and then specify the currency for each client.

Thank you Hillel.

We bought your product this afternoon. This is really going to help us onboard clients easier. We have an app but for some people just creating an account is a difficult process when there are many who are not so web literate.

One more question.

When inserting a Stripe API Key, do we put the entire string including the “sk_live_” portion that is in front of the string?

I appreciate it.

Thanks for purchasing!

Yes, enter the entire string.