Buy Now Recurring Invoices Annoyance

Just a thought guys…

I’m using “Buy Now” buttons for hosting services and it works perfectly. Just one annoyance though…

If someone clicks a “Buy Now” button but DOES NOT buy I get a recurring invoice in the system that I have to then delete.

Would it be possible to set the invoice to “Draft” perhaps until they pay…?

Thanks, it’s a good suggestion. I’ll look into it…


I had about 20 in one day, I just deleted them but then had to delete the recurring invoices too so it was a bit of an annoyance more than anything.

This will be included with our next release, here’s the change if you want to patch your install.

Thanks again, this behavior is much better!

Happy to wait Hillel and really grateful for the product, you’ve saved me hours and hours of coding :wink:

Sorry, can you explain how this solves the problem ? I am using the latest version and this is definitely still occurring.

I have tried as invoice and payment (not sure what the difference is) and this occurs. It generates the invoice and multiple recurring invoices.

Is there a solution for this ?

There is no solution to prevent the invoice from being generated, this change just makes the invoices draft rather than sent.

Thanks for responding. I am looking to allow people to sign up to my weekly product. they enter their details and click buy now. However every time that page loads - it creates a new invoice - so hundreds of invoices are made each day ?

I am currently testing with Stripe testing cards and testing API -secrets etc.

Is there not a way to create a recurring invoice from a purchase that is only initiated once someone purchases the product ?

Also when the “Buy Now” button is clicked the button freezes but there is no “modal” or pop-up directing the user to wait while the transaction is processed.

It’s a limitation of the “buy now” feature, you’d need to use the API or a tool like Zapier to create the recurring invoices on demand.

Not sure I follow, you would need to implement your own progress indicator.

Thanks for your time. Cron is running. I will start with the API.
Thanks again.

Ok, sorry just realised - if you are relying on cron jobs to send reminder emails, how are the recurring billings carried out with stripe ?

The recurring scheduled is defined in Invoice Ninja, not in Stripe.

Hi thanks for answering . I did not make myself very clear sorry. Recurring invoices are automatically debited from peoples accounts I presume, how is this process initiated from Invoice Ninja ? Does it require a cron job ? If not - how is it tracking the date time ? If it does require a cron job which one handles it ?

Understood. The app uses a cron, the details are listed here:

Ok so just to be 100% clear. If I am self hosting and I have set up these two cron jobs, then recurring automatic billing will occur via Stripe.

0 8 * * * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/ninja/artisan ninja:send-invoices
0 8 * * * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/ninja/artisan ninja:send-reminders

Those are both set up and running - so this will ensure payments are automatically made ?

Sorry to be specific. And again appreciate you answering my questions.

It should…

Note: you need to change the path to your actual folder

Ok great - thanks. All operational.

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