Bundle dedicated invoices in one project?


is there a way to bundle more invoices in one project io. a project can have more than one invoices? My client assigns bigger projects and I need to invoice more than one time per quarter.




A project can have unlimited invoices, you can attach a project to an invoice in the settings tab of the edit invoice page.

So my client is a fiberworker, he doesn’t work with hours but with placed products which he negotiate per client, in the final he wan’t a system which can bundle different day working for one project but not with timeslot. In projects he want total price shown instead of total hours…

Is there something specific missing from the app to support this?

Well I don’t know, this is an invoice of another app, just checking if this is possible with invoice ninja?

Also is it possible to show the price of the project instead of the time prestated?

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I believe it should be possible.

If they’re using products instead of tasks then the times wouldn’t be added.

This trial of a concurrent is able to do this, when the firm has some works of a projects done he can just make an invoice when he wants (omzetten in factuur = generate an invoice)

The app supports directly invoicing one or more projects.

How exactly? I see hour registration in tasks - but I want to bundle job/product registration per client in tasks.

So client works on three different days, do some jobs every days, jobs that are predefined, he works fixed per product not per timerecord.

He want to bundle three days 24/25/26 mei with these fixed products, not with recorded time.

Sorry, I don’t think that’s supported

Which way should you suggest to solve this issue? Isn’t it strange you can’t define a tast? Just hours? Doesn’t a client has the right to know which tasks is bounded with the recorded hours?

You can set a description for the task but it’s applies across all times in the task.

You could create a project to bundle the tasks and use one task per time to set the description for each.

Thnx for your reply, are you a developer? Is this question previously asked? I suppose it’s not a big change but very helpfull for other firms?

Thanks for the feedback, we hope to improve this in the future.

Thnx, I hope this feature will eventually be worked out, a taskt really can be timeregistrated or fixed/product price. Few selfemployed work with time registration in Belgium.