Bulk export of invoices to PDF - empty files

Self-hosted 4.5.17

I have installed GMP and PhantomJS but the completed zip file only contains empty PDFs which throw an error when opening.

I’ve restarted PHP and NGINX with no change.

I see no errors in Laravel or NGINX logs, the last command in access.log is POST /invoices/bulk which returns code 200

Slightly strange note:
If I select all (6) invoices and do the bulk download, I get the file selector for output, choose name and after OK the zip file is created with empty PDFs. The system then leaves me on the invoice list screen with all files selected. If I use the dropdown again to say download, I now get a blue box on the screen saying “Processing Request” and an “OK” box. I’ve left this for 10 minutes with no change and pressing OK just clears the dialogue box. During the time the box is on the screen, I see no material CPU or other indication of activity.


OK Resolved. I went through many iterations with PhantomJS - downloading from .org and replacing my existing distribution and then setting the QPA_Path env variable.

In the end it seems to be because I needed the change in .env to point the PHANTOMJS_BIN_PATH to the local executable rather than the cloud.

Noted here in case someone else struggles like I did :wink: