Bulk change recurring invoices product description :YEAR+1.


I have over 100 recurring invoices that were created before I discovered the :YEAR+1 variable. Can I do a SQL mass update just to change the description in the recurring invoices and will the recurring invoices respect the :YEAR+1 I.E Will it create the invoices and have the year plus 1 in the generated invoice?

Failing that I will have to manually edit every recurring invoice.

I am self hosted.


The variable is processed when the invoice is created.

Maybe you can use a tool like Integromat or the API/SDK?

OK. If the variable is processed when the invoice is created then I should be OK to change the description with SQL command as the recurring invoice is already set up in the system. I am only changing a text field and not an index field to another table.

I will test it out and see what happens.