Bug with Due Date

I think I have found a bug with the due date selection in an invoice. When creating the invoice it understands that the terms are say “net 30” for X customer it shows this in the due date box.
However unless I manually select a date, no due date is shown on the invoice and the email template using $due_date shows todays date.


Is it possible the invoice is still a draft, the due date is set once the invoice is marked as sent.

The invoice was a draft (but had been saved multiple times whilst being edited). Until I manually set the due date, there was no due date in the PDF (this was the preview before emailing stage) and the email template with the $due_date field in was showing todays date not a net 30 date.

I don’t use the client portal and instead attach PDFs to the email so if the net 30 date isn’t set until after the email /invoice is sent this isn’t going to work for people in this situation

You can manually mark the invoice as sent in the admin portal

Can the due date not be set on a save of the draft with the required payment terms and then updated on subsequent saves?

We may be able to add an option to set the due date when the draft invoice is saved, I suggest creating an issue to request it. cc @david

Once the value is set I don’t think the app could change it.

Thanks, have raised a feature request here Set Due Date on Draft Save · Issue #6387 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub