Bug | Projects tab: "filter by" custom drop down value does not work for Custom Fields 3 & 4


I created a custom field for some dropdown values for my projects status (ready to schedule, in progress, etc.), and that part works well.

However, when I try to filter them by the custom values it simply does not work: the sort box highlights properly but the filtering does not happen. I tested this on a new install and it does work, and same thing on demo.invoiceninja.com, so there must be something happening on my end, but I can’t tell. The projets table in the database looks fine to me…

I must say, that the custom fields used to be a “Toggle”, but I needed more options, so I switched it to “Dropdown list” and I edited the values. Could it have caused a glitch?

Here is a screenshot of the issue: I selected “4. À facturer”, so all lines not having that value show get hidden, but as you can see, they still show up.

Oh, and BTW, I can sort that custom field column with no problem (and it’s actually sorted on the screenshot); only the filtering option fails.



I did some more debugging. I could reproduce the filtering bug on demo.invoiceninja.com for Custom Fields 3 and 4 under the Projects tab.


  1. Create a client

  2. Create a couple of projects for that client

  3. Add some custom fields in either the 3rd or the 4th custom field (1st and 2nd worked fine), choose Dropdown Field Type, and add a few options, eg 1,2,3,4:

  1. Edit the projects so that you pick different options for them (eg. 1, 2)

  1. Try to filter by selecting a filter for Custom 3 or Custom 4. Nothing happens (once again this is only true for Fields 3 and 4, as per my tests.)


Thanks for the details, we’ll make sure this is corrected.

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