Bug found in Approving and Paying on Quotes

Video here: http://somup.com/criFqGYYFv

What you’ll see is me creating a quote. Emailing that quote.

The total after emailing and viewing the quote is 3999.00.

After approving the quote, it is now a mysterious 4,034.39

Then when the person accepts the quote, they are left on an empty screen. They don’t know what to do next. I would prefer there be a button where they can immediately pay for the invoice after being converted from a quote. However, I’m taking you there to see what happens.

Once we open up the invoice, now we try to pay and there is the error you see at the end.

I’ve done this a few times in different ways and it happens every time.

I think whats happening is that the program is adding the paypal fee’s (for the deposit) into the invoice for some reason, before the person has paid. It will also add the fee’s if the person chooses to pay, is taken to paypal, but then changes thier mind. The fee, still remains on the invoice, even though the client never made a payment.

Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david

I can’t recreate this, I’ve included a short .gif showing the workflow I use. Let us know if there is another combination I can test to make this fail.


I did it again this morning, same issue, same error: Recording #36

Here is what I’m doing different. Maybe it makes a difference?

  • I’m asking for a partial payment. Because I always ask for at least 1/2 down OR 100 for holding a spot in my work queue.
  • I enabled signatures and accepting terms. Both quotes and invoices. Perhaps there’s some error because its being asked twice? I don’t know.

I still get the error, I still get the paypal fee charged, even upon error.

Maybe try these all like me, and see if maybe there is some incompatibility?

Perhaps it could be something unique to my hosted account? I don’t know, but I would say, try it thru my account. Is there a way I can enable debug mode?

Hi @ravenousravendesign

I can recreate this. I am checking in a fix for the hosted platform shortly.