Browser tab crash after an hour or so if no activity

I have an ongoing issue with the browser tab crashing for inv5 self-hosted after a period of no activity when left to sit on the tasks screen (I don’t think it matters which screen though). The period of activity doesn’t seem consistent but generally about an hour. I’m running Linux with the latest patches on my desktop and my self-host instance. IN5 is on the latest version but this has been happening since upgrading to ver5. Happens in chrome, firefox, and brave web browsers. Happens in the Linux desktop app as well. I just get not-responding after a while. Cookies and cache don’t seem to matter. Happens if going out to my domain (with ssl cert and reverse proxy) and it happens when http to LAN IP. Close browser and open page again - all is good. It’s not a deal-breaker but it’s quite annoying. All functions in IN5 seem fine otherwise. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I’m not sure, it’s possible future updates of the app will correct this as the framework the app uses is improved. We’ll try to reproduce the problem.