Browser Support

I read in the topic -
about rendering the pdf’s inline with Firefox. While the link ( forces Firefox to render the pdf in session, when cookies are cleared it goes back to trying to download. I’ve tested this with 2 users in 2 countries and it is indeed problematic. Are you suggesting for us to tell users to use this method or do you have a more up to date solution?

In the Microsoft Edge browser it does not display the pdf’s inline but does not as well try to automatically download.

In IE 11 it appears to work satisfactorily.

In Chrome it works perfectly.

Thank you very much.

A few questions:

  • Are you using or are you self-hosting, if self-hosting which version are you using?

  • Are your users having trouble in Firefox or in MS Edge?


  1. We’re not self hosting, using
  2. As I said, Chrome is perfect, Firefox and Edge each have their own inconsistencies.
    • Firefox wants to download the pdf automatically. If you close the download pop up you can see the invoice is not rendered in the browser whether using invoiceNinja subdomain or in an iframe onsite.
    • In MS Edge it doesn’t try to download but renders no invoice content.

All Chrome, FF and MS browsers allow the invoiceNinja menu, the dashboard, invoice lists and payments data render fine.


Thanks for the details!

Here’s some info which may help with Firefox:

We’ll also look into the problem with MS Edge.