blue amounts

I still do not get what the “blue amounts” are standing for in the dashboard. There is no title attribute/hover text, none of the values are clickable, and I didn’t figure it out for myself.

Could you briefly enlighten me? (or maybe add a hint there?)

BTW: I have “Outstanding” a value of e.g. 887,- - but I can’t figure out of which parts/clients this value is summed up from.
My “Invoices Past Due” are 225,-, and my “Upcoming Invoices” are 312,- - this does not make 887,-
Intuitively I would like to hover upon/click on the “outstanding” box and see what’s outstanding.


The blue values are the amounts within the selected date range.

We’ll look into clarifying this in the UI in a future release.

Oh. But which date range is meant here?

In the top right you can click to set the dates.

AAAAH. the ones above. Thanks. I’m blind sometimes.

Hillel, you are faster than light. :wink: