Bitpay payment canceled, but shows "completed"...

Client says he couldn’t complete the payment within 15 minutes, so it was canceled.

Still, InvoiceNinja shows success:

Can we somehow find a workaround for this problem?

And how and where can one check the “Transaction Reference”?

Can you replicate the problem with a test invoice?

Maybe check the BitPay portal.

Yes, with test invoice works the same.

If the payment times out, and then you click “return to the merchant” - it sends you to the invoice back as if it was paid.

and here we go:

Ok, thanks. We’ll try to correct it…

And it doesn’t work when the payment is really made.

The payment is made, I hjave received it.

But the ninja has missed the payment. :frowning:

I know I can control it manually and change status to “PAID”, but what’s the point then to have ninjas around. :))

By the way, is there any other Bitcoin payment system is in development? BitPay is very limited, it can receive payment only from a small number of wallets, supporting “payment protocol”. Most Bitcoin holders do not use them.

We aren’t currently working to add more payment gateways but we’d probably accept a pull request.

We have this as a problem also.

Some wily users have now used it to defraud us.

What is a pull request and how do I make one?

He is suggesting you write it yourself.

We are going to be switching to another system. I can deal with most of the bugs in Invoice Ninja (ie the portal), but a bug that misreports payments, and doesn’t seem to be taken seriously by the vendor - that really isn’t acceptable.

@weaselbuddha Good luck with your new app, however your statement is not correct.

Matrenitski made two requests:

  • Add a new Bitcoin gateway: We have no immediate plans to work on this, if they’d like to see a new gateway added they’ll need to work on it themselves.

  • Fix an existing gateway: This if of course a serious issue, as I wrote above we’ll attempt to fix it in our next release.

Yes, I understood. You are suggesting that he code his own integration to another service, which I don’t think he understood, but I could be wrong, though doubt it, long way up from not knowing what git is, to coding an interface. Guess everyone has to start somewhere.

I obviously was also commenting on your blase attitude towards what, to us, is a significant failing in the product.

The issue here is the Bitpay API is reporting a completed transaction hence why Invoice Ninja is marking this as Paid.

The reality is they need 6 confirmations on the blockchain to verify a completed transaction, which could take anywhere from seconds to hours so the real Payment Verification would rarely ever be returned during the payment session itself.

Given we are using the omnipay drivers for BitPay, I don’t they they support the IPN which would provide the required notification to actually marked the invoice correctly as PAID, so I think they only solution here would be to not mark the payment as completed, and leave this to be manually verified…

I think we may be on different pages…

I agree, this is a serious problem which should be looked at. If it can’t be fixed I’d also agree it would make adding another crypto gateway more important.

If someone ask how to make a change to our app the answer is make a pull request. I don’t know who is/isn’t a programmer but I’m happy to help explain something if it isn’t clear.

We get the opposite all the time, where it is paid but not marked as paid (I understand these, as you point out the timing makes it difficult), this has led to problems, but not a loss of revenue. In the case of it being marked paid, and not, we have lost money. Confronted with failure to pay, and back charges, some folks, regretfully, just disappear.

Bitpay seems to have a full functioning REST api, which I would think could be used to verify/query payment status.

David Bomba, BitPay uses “Payment Protocol” only supported from some particular wallets.

The protocol supports immediate confirmation as I understand. It is not like paying directly to the Bitcoin wallet waiting for confirmations. It limits the use very much, but provides secure instant payments.

Actually, Coinbase Commerce has much more advanced payment interface, supports multiple cryptocurrencies, not only btc and bch, but also Etgereum and Litecoin, it doesn’t have poor number of wallets supported and has much more professional team from one of the biggest legal crypto exchanges.

Take a look at their API.